Pale Red Dot


Pale Red Dot

Created: March - September 2013

21 Jul 2016

“Pale Red Dot” is a simple space shooter arcade game that I’ve created to familiarize myself with the complete process of game development, including publishing the game after it was completed. “Pale Red Dot” was created with the use of the LibGDX framework. The music and special effects were created by Vadim Znamenski. Quite a few images distributed under the General Public Licence were used (all the authors are given credit in the “Credits” section of the game). It was released as a free game on Google Play in October 2013. If you would like to check it out - you can get it from Google Play.

Game Plot (hah!)

In this classic space shooter arcade game you assume control of a craft carrying the last remnants of a dying civilization. Face a variety of endless enemies and purchase upgrades in a hopeless attempt to reach the elusive pale red dot in the sky.