Created: December 2014 - February 2015

Project Description:

'Infection' was a game I created as part of IBM's Blue Fusion 2015 event that I lead.

Blue Fusion is a yearly event that runs for five days. During those 5 days students from various UK schools come to an IBM site (12 schools a day) to participate in activities created by IBMers, listen to talks by IBMers and, hopefully, get inspired by technology. The students are Year 8 and Year 10.

The point of the game is to infect, corrupt or destroy as much data (represented by rectangles of different colours) as possible, by picking different upgrades from the list of available actions. The game was designed to have two modes: standalone and finale. In the standalone (activity) mode the player gets presented with a random level out of the 12 available ones. They try to complete as many levels as possible in the time limit of 20 minutes. When the session ends the player gets presented with a final score and a list of upgrades that they can pick for the Finale. The finale mode puts the viruses of the teams that completed the activity mode against each other.


13 Feb 2015

Types of cells in the game: