Created: March 2015

When I found out that Robin Williams died I felt empty. And it was the sort of feeling I didn't really expect. I grew up on his films, sure. But I don't think I ever pro-actively sought out his work. As a person who was born in the eighties I found 'Aladdin' magical, I loved 'Jumanji', I found 'Jack' funny, 'Mrs. Doubtfire' - touching. 'Hook' was an adventure I loved re-living every couple of months and was the first VHS I ever bought. As I got older I felt inspired by 'Dead Poets Society'. 'Good Will Hunting' was good, but I think I didn't realize how good it was until I've re-watched it recently. Perhaps I owe a tiny bit of my will to follow my dreams to that film. Perhaps not, it's difficult to tell. 'Patch Adams' was probably the inspiration for my relatively short spree of giving free hugs and Little Prince quotes in small colourful envelopes to passers-by. 'One Hour Photo' and 'Insomnia' with Williams as a villain played well with my teenage 'the world is crap, I hate everyone' mood. Later on I saw some of his stand-up and bits of it really hit home. And I guess that is why I felt empty, perhaps because of the vague realization that this growing older business will now be a little bit lonelier. Or maybe there was a completely different reason for that feeling, one that I still can't put into words.

In short, I felt the need to deal with that feeling, to embrace it and turn it into something tangible, to create something as a tribute, to celebrate his life. And to make it more interesting I decided to do something that I'm not particularly good at - draw. So lower your expectations a little bit.

Robin Williams was 63 when he died. There are 64 drawings here.