Charlie the Brick


Charlie the Brick

Created: January - March 2013

Project Description:

21 Jul 2013

“Charlie the Brick” was my attempt at creating everything for a game except for the game itself - an intro, a menu and a level map. That was a neat way to learn the basics of C# programming with the use of the XNA studio. It never did turn into a finished game, obviously. Fun fact: the intro is create programmatically. Woo! Also, some of the options in the menu work, there’s an implemented save system and a set of maps and locations where Charlie’s adventures could have taken place. The music in the intro and some sound editing was done by Vadim Znamenski.

I used to have a zip that people could check out, but it has been lost in the process of moving from website to website. You can watch the video below for a pretty accurate demonstration of what this project looked like though.